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Keep Your Kicks Fresh: Shoe Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

Keep Your Kicks Fresh: Shoe Cleaning Dos and Don'ts

Is your WhatsApp group of friends planning a trek at Wadi Modaynah Dam Loop? And it seems like you are in search of your year-old Merrell trekking shoes. Unfortunately, you find them in a bad state in the cupboard—dirty, stained, and, above all, releasing odours. Your face goes gloomy, and you are perplexed, not able to decide what to do next. It is exactly where your trusted companion comes into the picture—the expert shoe cleaning service in Dubai

These service providers know that in the hustle and bustle of life in Dubai, keeping your kicks looking fresh can be a challenge. It is essential to carry out regular shoe cleaning, which is not only to maintain appearance but also to extend the lifespan of your favourite shoes. If you are among the people who want to ensure your shoes always look impeccable, then you have arrived at the right place: Al Taj Laundry, where you will find premium shoe cleaning services.

Importance of Regular Shoe Cleaning

Shoes are exposed to various elements in our daily lives, like dust, dirt, and accidental spills. Over time, this accumulation can degrade your shoes, causing unpleasant odours, and diminishing their overall look. Regular cleaning of your shoes will help with the following:

  • Preserving the Material: Proper cleaning methods will help in maintaining the integrity of the shoe material, be it leather, suede, or fabric. The expert shoe cleaning service in Dubai will carry out the proper techniques to preserve your favourite shoes.
  • Extending Lifespan: Dirt and stains can affect the lifespan of your shoes. One of the most effective methods through which you can protect their lifespan is through regular cleaning. Clean shoes will last longer and this process can also save you money in the long run.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Imagine wearing a clean and well-maintained shoe to a meeting or evening party. It will enhance your overall appearance and help create a positive impression. Shoes can help complete your look.

Shoe Cleaning Dos and Don’ts


  • Clean Regularly: Regular cleaning helps remove dirt, grime, and sweat, preventing build-up, and extending the life of your shoes.
  • Identify Your Material: Different materials require specific cleaning methods. Using harsh chemicals on delicate leather can cause irreparable damage. Al Taj Laundry provides premium laundry service and shoe cleaning services. We perform special techniques on your shoes only after identifying the material type of your shoes.
  • Spot-clean spills Immediately: Slow and steady may win the race, but in the race of the spill game, you need to act fast. The faster you tackle a spill, the easier it is to remove it and prevent staining.
  • Invest in Quality Cleaning Products: Using the right cleaning solutions ensures thorough cleaning without damaging your shoes. The expert shoe cleaning service in Dubai uses high-quality cleaning solutions that do not harm the material of your shoes or the environment. These services are picky when it comes to selecting cleaning solutions and do not compromise eco-friendliness.
  • Consider Professional Cleaning: Do you remember the introduction part of this blog, where we talked about you finding your trekking shoes in a complete mess? Leading a busy around-the-clock life in Dubai is not an easy task. You find it hard to devote time to cleaning those shoes properly. In such a scenario, it is always better to hand over your trekking shoes to the shoe cleaning services. These professional cleaning services offer expert care and restoration.


  • Throw Your Shoes in the Washing Machine: The harsh agitation and heat can damage the shape, structure, and adhesives of the shoes. So always keep your shoes away from your washing machine. They will not get along. Your shoes may also shrink if they are washed in a hot water cycle.
  • Use Harsh Detergents: Harsh detergents can strip away colour and dry out leather. So it is better to avoid harsh detergents on your shoes, especially leather.
  • Neglect the Insoles: The insoles of your shoes are where unpleasant odour harbours. Regularly remove and clean the insoles to eliminate odours and ensure proper hygiene.
  • Air Dry in Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade colours and crack leather. Opt for a cool, well-ventilated space to dry your shoes after washing them.
  • Ignore Stains: Leaving stains untreated can set them permanently and make removal difficult.

What are the various Shoe Cleaning Services

Here is a table for your reference, which gives a brief on the services provided by the expert shoe cleaning service in Dubai, a small description, and its benefits:




Basic Cleaning

Ideal for removing everyday dirt and grime.

Restores original look

Deep Cleaning

A thorough cleaning for heavily soiled shoes, including stain removal and deodorising.

Enhances durability

Odour Removal

Treatment to eliminate bad smells

Freshens up the shoes

Material Care

Conditioning and protection for leather and suede

Maintains material quality


Repair and refurbishing of worn-out shoes

Prolongs lifespan


Revives and protects leather shoes, restoring their shine and suppleness.

Restores shine and suppleness.


Breathes new life into faded or discoloured leather shoes.

Restores vibrant, like-new appearance.

Water Repelling Treatment

Protects shoes from water damage and staining.

Prevents water damage and staining.

Case Study: John’s Sneaker Revival

John, a sneaker enthusiast from Dubai, had a beloved pair of limited-edition sneakers that had seen better days. Despite his best efforts at home cleaning, they looked worn out and had lost their original charm. He decided to try a professional shoe cleaning service, Al Taj Laundry. The expert shoe cleaning service in Dubai not only cleaned his sneakers but also restored the colour and treated the leather. The results were astonishing. His sneakers looked brand new, and he was delighted with the professional touch that went beyond what he could achieve at home.


By following these shoe cleaning dos and don’ts, you can extend the life of your favourite footwear and maintain an impeccable look. However, for those deep-seated stains or delicate materials, consider trusting the experts at Al Taj Laundry, your all-in-one destination for all your laundry service needs.