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Years Experience
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Al Taj Laundry

Al Taj Laundry Service was launched in 28.02.1972 by the founder Mr. Ramshankar Mahabir. The first outlet was opened in Frij Murar Deira. For more than 50 years Altaj Laundry has been serving customers with complete customer satisfaction. We have been providing individual services as well as catering to corporate clients like restaurants, shipping, engineering companies etc. By providing both corporates and retails services we become one of the pioneers in the market. Al Taj Laundry holds a large part of the market with continuous availing quality service for our clients. As a quality washmen in Dubai we wish to grow throughout the business life cycle with continuous support of our employees. We value each and every customer and provide and maintain customer loyalty thereby trust. Al Taj serves customers with the most upgraded and best quality services. Today, we are very proud to be a leading, trusted washmen Dubai by redefining laundry service with quality and convenience. We aim to provide the best, clean, fresh clothings to everyone without sacrificing time by considering environmental responsibility too.

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