Dry Cleaning and Laundry Made Simple

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Clean Clothes Have Never Been This Easy!

how our service works:


Your laundry pickup and delivery can be scheduled with a few taps.

Free pickup and delivery

Spend less time and effort driving to the cleaners by choosing us!

Eco friendly chemicals

We use Eco friendly chemicals that is neither toxic to people nor cause any environmental harm.


Since 1972, we’ve earned a reputation for our incredible customer service.

Delivering Clean Clothes and Peace of Mind

why people choose us?

Delightful experience. Pretty sure they use premium quality products for washing/ironing. Could make out when we got the clothes back from Al Taj laundry. Collection and delivery is also very flexible, never had any issues yet.

Aamer Siddiqi

Whilst waiting for my washing machine to be fixed, I really needed a reliable laundry service. In Dubai, this can be quite difficult to find and the service from some providers are not great. I found Al Taj Laundry from a Google search and was pleasantly surprised at their competitive pricing given they were eco friendly. The service was great, laundry arrived on time, all clothes were clean and neatly folded. Would definitely recommend and will use again. I was also very happy with this service. Easy to set up. The no contact pick up and delivery went smoothly. I sent two duvets to be cleaned.

Vikrant Gokhale

I think you did a great job given the situation and I believe you know your stuff so we will be repeating business in the future

Ms Iffat
Clients per Week
Pounds of Laundry per Week
People in Team
Pieces of Dry Cleaning

Shirt Service from $2 per Shirt

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Made Simple

how our service works:
6 clothes
Dry Cleaning / Launder & Press

  • Shirts – $2.50
  • Pants – $7
  • Blouses – $7

12 clothes
Wash & Fold

  • Wash & Fold – $1.75 / lb.
  • Comforters – $30
  • Blnkets – $15

20 clothes
Hang Dry

  • Undergarments – $1
  • Synthetics – $2.50
  • Sweaters – $7


Dry Cleaning and Laundry Made Simple

how our services work:

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